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Click here to Download the 2017 Annual Report

2017: Year in Review

Not a day goes by that we don’t think about how integral you are to the work we do. Your donations – each and every one of them – mean so much to us and to those that we serve. Thank you for continuing to trust us with your donations and for helping those in your community and around the world.

Your support throughout 2017 has been incredible. Thank you. If you plan to make a year-end gift to Mercury One to support our missions in 2018 please be mindful that all gifts must be postmarked by December 31st to count for 2017 tax deductions.

Take a moment to look back with us at the incredible year we’ve had. Below are just a few things we’ve been able to accomplish.

2016 Annual Report

Each November, nonprofits file their taxes for the previous year. We believe you deserve to know how Mercury One used your gifts in 2016.

You can download our full 2016 financial report here or by clicking the image below.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 4.32.10 PM

Hurricane Relief 2017

This year we have seen massive damage from hurricanes impacting our nation, and Mercury One is committed to providing relief to those affected by the disasters. Already, we have been working with our partners in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, on search and rescue, basic needs, humanitarian support, food and long-term clean-up, and recovery efforts. Our six main partners, CitiImpact, Gleaning for the World, Operation BBQ Relief, Somebody Cares, Team Rubicon, and The Provisions Project, have all pledged 100% of granted funds to directly aid and assist individuals affected by the hurricanes. Our relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have been immense, and now that Hurricane Maria has hit Puerto Rico, Mercury One is working to help coordinate relief efforts there, as well.

We have been inspired and touched by stories of kindness, support, love and selflessness provided to total strangers. Immediately following the flooding in Houston, Mercury One received several emails and calls offering to assist through donations of items, service hours, housing, or just asking how to provide aid to help in recovery efforts from the recent devastation.

Already, we have collected over $2 million in donations, and the generous giving has not stopped. There is still more to be done to restore and rebuild after these disasters, and we will continue to honor your intentions by allotting 100% of your donation to the projects you specify. The money you have raised through our Hurricane Relief and Disaster Relief funds has helped so many people in need, and we are so grateful to have such a generous group of donors. It is only thanks to your continued support that Mercury One is able to make an impact in the face of these terrible tragedies. You, our donors, are the ones making a difference through your generosity.

Learn more about the work that our partners did to support those in need with hurricane relief.


Slovakia Update

Two years after Glenn Beck declared “Never Again Is Now!” regarding the Islamic State’s persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria, Mercury One has returned from a trip to Slovakia, where we visited the first refugees that you helped to evacuate. In the beginning, Glenn called for an end to the genocide of the Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. Part of this endeavor included moving 149 Iraqi refugees to Slovakia, where we housed them away from war and suffering.

As ISIS retreated, some refugees chose to return to Iraq and their communities. Many stayed to create new lives in Slovakia. We are thrilled to report that those families are thriving. Their integration into Slovakia is going even better than we had hoped. Not only have they been successful in learning the Slovak language, but 66% of their workforce-aged family members are currently employed.

Many of the women have found a creative way to supply their families with an additional form of income – the first time in their lives they have been able to do so – by hand-crafting ornaments and rosary beads, many of which Mercury One sold in December 2016. New inventory is available at our online store.

Several of the refugees have also received their Slovakia driver’s licenses, and some are even looking to purchase their own homes. The children are also doing well, and are attending Slovak schools. However, it is not just their achievements that show the success of this program, but also their hearts. Many of these refugees have paid forward the kindness they received, volunteering in their new communities and helping the homeless in Slovakia.

We are so happy to report on these lives that have been forever changed for the better because of your support. The Nazarene Fund remains committed to continue rebuilding homes, churches and schools in the war-ravaged cities and towns of Syria and Iraq to support and stabilize communities for those who wish to return. For those that cannot go home, we will continue facilitating their safe passage and resettlement elsewhere. And we are working diligently with our partners to ensure the rescue and reunification of those who were captured by ISIS and enslaved. We cannot and will not abandon these people we swore to help. Support The Nazarene Fund.


Leadership Training Program

Click to learn more about the Teachers’ Conference on March 14-16 or July 25-27, 2018 or the summer Leadership Training Program during these dates: May 28-June 8, June 11-22, or July 9-20, 2018.

Mercury One partnered with WallBuilders and held the inaugural Mercury One Leadership Training Program at our headquarters in Irving, Texas this past summer. The two sessions (held in June and July) hosted groups of students and young professionals (ages 18-25) from around the United States. Coming from a range of faith traditions and educational backgrounds, these 67 students took a deep dive into the political and spiritual history of the United States. The purpose of the program was to not only learn about America and its history, but to also search for truth in our everyday lives. A truth and history that have become fragmented, censored, and forgotten over the years.

Over just two short weeks, these students spent their days in scripture study, engaging in historical lectures and class dialogues, learning from media personalities, and making friends that will last a lifetime. Most unique about this program was the opportunity for the students to read, touch, and experience first-hand original documents and artifacts from our country’s history. One student, Miah Johnson, told us, “I have searched for truth my entire life. It is a hunger that I cannot fully satisfy.” We hope this program was able to give her the tools and inspire her passion to continue on her journey for the truth.

Another student, C.J. Tanner, a teacher himself, wrote a blog post (read it here: summarizing his experience in these words: “For two weeks we held history in our hands. We heard the stories of the past and questioned with boldness whether they were true. We grew as students, as researchers, as educators, and as human beings. We pursued truth with endless zeal, and we did not come away disappointed. I think I speak for all of us in attendance when I say that a fire was kindled within each of us.”

This program’s success is due to the expert leadership and instruction by Mercury One partner, WallBuilders. Tim Barton and David Barton were instrumental in making this inaugural summer of the Leadership Training Program a huge success. We thank members of The Glenn Beck Program — including Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, Pat Gray, and Jeffy Fisher, and TheBlaze TV Network’s Doc Thompson, Kris Cruz, and Kal Elsebai for taking time to impart their knowledge and experience with the program’s participants.

Most importantly, we THANK YOU, Mercury One’s steadfast donors, for supporting us in our missions and providing us the opportunity to do such important and impactful work. YOU have made a difference on our future leaders. Thank you.

Get involved. Learn more. Leadership Training Program | Teachers’ Conference

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Mercury One is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 170. No goods or services were provided by Mercury One in exchange for your donation. Mercury One, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #45-3929881. Your donation may be considered tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax attorney or an accountant for specific guidance.

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