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70’s Jell-O Party

By: Reagan Smith, Mercury One Intern

As a member of the Mercury One team, one feels like they are at home and part of a family. The Mercury One team prides itself in providing an environment where coworkers will always remember your birthday, know how you take your coffee or tea, and be there to help at any given moment. Celebrating each other is an important part of Mercury One’s culture, and it has proven to be one of the most impactful ways to bring people together.

Being an intern for Mercury One has shown me all of this, and I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to work. Not only are the causes Mercury One supports important, but the small team of 10 creates an environment where one feels like they belong and make a real difference.

Over lunch one day, the team was talking about how everyone has different holiday traditions, and everyone’s included strange dishes made by their mothers and grandmothers. Obviously, all of these 70’s inspired dishes included Jell-O, so the natural progression of the conversation headed to us planning a Jell-O themed party for the office. A coworker then told the team how he had a cookbook called “The New Joys of Jell-O” he found at an antique store, so we had to include it in our Jell-O themed party plans.

As an intern, time in the office must come to an end. For my last day with Mercury One, the team threw a going-away Jell-O themed party for me. It was a potluck, so many coworkers pitched in and either recreated their relative’s dishes, or took them straight from the 70’s cookbook.

The range of dishes made was perfect, including sweet and savory. The sweet dish I made was my grandmother’s “Strawberry Stuff” made from pretzels, Cool Whip, strawberries and strawberry Jell-O, and Michael made “Orange Whip” with Orange Jell-O and Cool Whip. Janie made a “Fruit Refresher” with fresh berries mixed in Berry Jell-O, and Kyra made “Watergate Salad” with pistachio Jell-O and Orange flavored non-alcoholic “Shots” with mandarin oranges.

The savory dishes included Michael’s “Salmon Dill Mousse” and Liz’s “Tomato Cucumber Aspic”. Everyone was a little hesitant to try the savory dishes, but they were surprisingly good and a fun thing for everyone to try.

Throwing this going-away party brought everyone together in a fun way, and made for a fun last day for me. Being with the Mercury One team has allowed me to see what type of culture a successful company should have, and this has caused me to have high expectations for a future workplace.

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rough edge
rough edge

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