making a difference

restoring the human spirit

Mercury One is committed to doing good by providing humanitarian aid, preserving heritage, and empowering all to stand for truth. At Mercury One, we partner with ministries and non-profits around the globe to restore communities after natural disasters, rescue individuals from human trafficking and abuse, support our veterans, and preserve and teach history through The American Journey Experience Museum and research library.

Tour AJE

Public tours are now available at The American Journey Experience! Step into America’s history by scheduling a tour at The American Journey Experience museum. Learn untold stories of America through the storytelling of our expert docents. Experience history up close and personal by viewing some of our 150,000 artifact collection. Walk away equipped with the intellectual ammunition to defend and preserve the America our Founding Fathers built.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday, November 28, is the single biggest day of generosity around the world, with millions of people coming together to support nonprofits that are working to do good. You allow us to do good every single day, but your support at this time specifically helps fuel our mission for the rest of the year. You can contribute today and make a special Giving Tuesday gift to continue to restore the human spirit!


On October 7th, Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack with over 2,000 rockets and infiltration into Israel. Israel is now at war, with thousands of Israelis killed, many kidnapped, and hundreds wounded. We are helping Israel. Give to help and support Israel!


Mercury One is helping Maui


Maui has experienced the deadliest wildfire to hit the United States in more than a century. Since the beginning of the disaster, we have been aiding Maui with vital resources. Mercury One has been on the ground in Maui with our partners making sure the people of Maui are aided and cared for. Your incredible support has allowed Maui residents to get warm meals, basic resources, and experience hope in the midst of a tragedy. Our efforts now move to long-term recovery.


We are looking for therapists, veterans, pastors, specialists, and/or EMDR-trained doctors, who deal with PTSD, to be on the ground in Maui helping survivors overcome trauma. We are working with our partner, The Mighty Oaks Foundation, who will be in Maui aiding survivors with PTSD. If this is something you are qualified for and interested in, please apply by filling out our volunteer form. You can also continue to give to help fuel our efforts in Maui. Thank you for your support of Mercury One and Maui!

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Support Israel


On October 7th, Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack with over 2,000 rockets and infiltration into Israel. Israel is now at war with thousands of individuals killed, many kidnapped, and hundreds wounded. Mercury One stands with Israel. Since the beginning, we have been aiding our partners on the ground in Israel facing the unimaginable. Our partners are in desperate need of medical supplies and resources to help heal the wounded. You are allowing us not only to help those on the ground in Israel but also to get Americans home. On October 18th, we were able to get 280 people safely out of Israel thanks to your support and our incredible partners. As the war wages on, we will continue to help where it is needed. Please continue to join us in praying for this conflict and give to help fuel our efforts. Thank you for supporting Israel!

Bring Americans Home from Israel


Many Americans remain in Israel during this crisis with no way of getting home. It is our goal to get these Americans back home safely. Thanks to your generosity, we do not have to wait on the government or charge Americans to get them home safely. We have already landed two planes out of Israel directly to America. You are helping get innocent Americans out of a warzone and back to safety. Please continue to give so we can continue to support Israel and Americans during this time.

who we are

Standing, Speaking, and Acting For Those In Need

Mercury One is a charity founded by media personality and best-selling author, Glenn Beck.

We are committed to taking action by standing, speaking, and acting with those in need when no one else will. If we want government to do less, we need to do more. Together, we can make a difference; it’s up to us to turn the tide. Join us on our journey.


Restoring the human spirit by encouraging dependence on God, providing humanitarian aid, preserving heritage, and empowering all to stand for truth. 


We do more so the government can do less. It is our vision to advance skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for individuals and communities to help themselves.



We are committed to taking action by standing, speaking, and acting with those in need when no one else will. Mercury One helps provide support and assistance to people who have been impacted by natural disasters, victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse, religious persecution, and veterans. Through the American Journey Experience, we teach specialized instruction on American history and the founding principles that built our great nation.



When you volunteer with Mercury One, you are directly making a positive impact in the lives of others. We offer a wide variety of projects and assignments to further our mission of helping the hurting.

we're better together

Our Partners

Mercury One partners with trusted and faithful non-profits and ministries to help the hurting and provide support and education.



The American Journey Experience is a state-of-the-art museum and research library focusing on American history. Our mission is to educate, enlighten, inspire and engage all Americans and people seeking information about the birth, background, history and unfolding of America’s journey.

Our collection includes more than 160,000 artifacts, many of which you can see by visiting our facility in Irving, TX. We use these artifacts to educate guests about our nation’s incredible history, encouraging them to take an active role in defending the American Journey.

Mercury One Loyalty Society

It is the season of giving and the best time of year to give a monthly gift and join the Mercury One Loyalty Society! Loyalty Society members are on the front lines of restoring the human spirit and helping sustain our mission all year long. The Mercury One Loyalty Society receives benefits such as advanced invitations to Mercury One events, access to exclusive events, Loyalty Society merchandise items, and more!

You can maximize your gift this giving season. Join our Loyalty Society today!

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