Disaster Relief During the CARR Wildfire

Southern California experienced six major wildfires with the Santa Ana winds in December 2017. The Santa Ana winds had been ruthless and there had been low humidity that has made the fires even worse. High winds caused concern for the communities fo Southern California.

Over 5,000 firefighters were on the ground tirelessly fighting the raging wildfires.

The Thomas fire in Ventura County was the first to ignite and had burned over 100,000 acres since it began. The Skirball fire was small but hugely threatening because it threatened heavily populated areas of L.A. Four other fires continued to burn uncontrollably due to the high winds caused by the Santa Ana’s.

These fires caused what has been called “apocalyptic” conditions. During this time Mercury One needed your help to send aid to the people being displaced by these fires. Due to your generous support and donations, Mercury One and our partners were able to be on the ground providing aid and support to firefighters, first responders and those displaced by the raging wildfires.

Thank you for your continued support of Mercury One and our disaster reliefs efforts.

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