Disaster Relief During the CARR Wildfire

Our hearts broke for the people of the Redding community who were forced to leave their homes and their valuable behind in order to seek shelter in a safe location. Many of these families returned to find their homes and possessions burned by the flames of the CARR fire.

The fire burned over 150,000 acres in Redding. The community was devastated due to the wildfires that demolished the homes of residents. Over 1500 structures were destroyed and more than 250 had significant damage.

Our Partners in Disaster Relief

Mercury One and our partners were on the scene of the California wildfire since day one assisting those displaced by providing them and the brave first responders with a hot meal. Our partner Operation BBQ Relief wrapped up in the California community and served 20,553 meals over their nine days working in California. CitiImpact worked with Mercury One to send relief aid supplies to those affected by the CARR fire. We are blessed to work with such amazing partners who jump into action when disaster strikes in our country.

There is still more work to be done to assist the first responders and those affected by the CARR fire. Mercury One needs your assistance in helping those in their time of need. Please consider donating to Mercury One to help those in the Redding community. Mercury One also asks that you keep everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers during this time.


How can you help Mercury One’s disaster relief efforts?

By donating to Mercury One’s Humanitarian Fund, you help us provide humanitarian aid and relief in the areas of veteran support, natural disasters, Israeli humanitarian initiatives, human trafficking, and domestic abuse.

Give back to your community.
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Be the Good Samaritan.

Send a virtual prayer to those in need.