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After two years of brutal captivity by ISIS, on Saturday, October 22, 2016 an elderly Syrian couple and their daughter arrived in the United States. Meet the Odicho family – U.S. residents who lived and worked in Chicago 18 years prior to the war. When the situation in Syria began to deteriorate they left the safety of the U.S. to visit their family and encourage them to flee before the war escalated. While in Syria, the family was kidnapped by ISIS.

Two weeks ago, they shared their story with our team and were grateful to be safe and looked forward to seeing their family back in the United States. However, before they departed, they refused to leave without their daughter, Alice who had remained in Syria and were captured with her parents. Thanks to our donors, Mercury One helped Alice secure her travel documents and flew her and her parents to the U.S. to be reunited in Chicago with the rest of their family.

The Nazarene Fund is making a difference in the lives of others thanks to our donors. Because of YOU, we were able to reunite the Odicho family. Thank you.

In order for us to continue reuniting families, we need your help. To donate, please visit:

Mrs. Odicho
elderly couple coming home from syria
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