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Teachers Conference


Mercury One in partnership with David and Tim Barton is proud to present the WallBuilders Teachers Conference! This conference is designed to equip teachers from both public and private schools with principles and techniques that were used in early American education and thereafter for decades. Teachers will also have the unique opportunity to research original documents from our library of 100,000 items related to early education and American history. This unique conference is designed to be informative and encouraging to teachers to help them make a greater impact on their students and ultimately the nation at large.

Join Mercury One and WallBuilders in 2020 for our Teachers Conferences.

Session 1: July 13-15

Session 2: July 16-18

In 2018 Mercury One, in partnership with WallBuilders, hosted 40 educators from around the country as they spent three incredible days (across two different sessions) learning about the history of our great nation, the men and women who helped shape it, and early education in America.

For most of us the idea of early education in America hearkens back to visions of one-room schoolhouses with students of all ages learning together. While this is accurate, there is so much more to the classroom structure than most of us know. For example, the reason students of so many different ages were in one classroom is two-fold. First, more advanced students could help teach those at lower levels, and second, because grade levels were not split up by age, but rather were based on knowledge and skill level. With only eight grade levels, most students completed schooling by age thirteen and were then expected to get a job or go to college. Early American education was also effective because it focused not only on students learning the material, but also on developing critical thinking skills, communication skills, and lessons designed to help students become good citizens.

While today’s students attend far more formal schooling than their 18th and 19th-century counterparts, with longer school years, standardized tests, and additional grade levels, they are actually learning less American history. Participants in our Teachers Conference were able to see this for themselves by looking through original first-source historical documents and artifacts. Along the way, they also learned many of the lost stories of our Founding Fathers, as well as the philosophies and ideologies that shaped our laws and founding documents.

Mercury One is passionate about our future and providing programs to enlighten and educate people about our nation’s unique history. We hope to inspire others to curiously engage with our past, so that we may avoid the mistakes of our predecessors while building upon their great accomplishments, making us better prepared for whatever the future has in store.

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WallBuilders Teachers Conference

The conference will include:

  • Christian Heritage (from the First Colonists to American Independence and the Founding Era to the Civil War and Beyond)
  • Early Educational Foundations and When They Changed
  • Effective Teaching Techniques
  • Apologetics for Modern Attacks on America and American History
  • Unique Research Opportunities in Original Documents

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