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Happy Memorial Day From Mercury One

Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day from the Mercury One team. As we reflect on this holiday and the veterans who lost their lives protecting our great nation, our Director of Development was moved to say a few words regarding this national holiday. John McCarty outlines his thoughts below.

Looking towards this Memorial Day Holiday, several things keep swirling around my head. First, I think of my son, active and recently returning from his first deployment. How proud I am. Then I think of my neighbor, in February I had the privilege of cooking for his family who came from around the country, about 100 and another 300 people who celebrated his retirement after 20 years in the Marines. There was a lot of talk about sacrifice, and the pinnacle moment was when his wife and daughter talked about their sacrifice for their husband and dad being gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. The emotion was broken when this retiring soldier spoke out, “THIS SOUNDS LIKE FREEDOM!!!”

My thoughts think about those serving throughout our country’s history, what was it like in colonial days to fight for our countries freedom? World War 1 and 2 for the freedom of others? During the other conflicts where the hand of evil had to be held back? I for one have a hard time imagining and try to put the Hollywood image out of my mind. I think about our first responders, those of 9/11, other disasters that call for a policeman and firefighters to put their lives on the line. Not only thinking I work to serve those brave men and women in the work I do at Mercury One and in my personal life.

One particular story I liked to share is something that I had the privilege of watching Mercury One put together.  We were approached by one of our partners to support a veteran who was displaced in a hurricane almost two years ago.  He had been treated for traumatic Brian Injury, suffers from PTSD, and other issues from war. While he wasn’t homeless, he could not get back into his home.  Mercury One was able to be a catalyst with our donation to bring momentum back to his cause, where others rallied to get his home renovated and refurbished so that he will soon move back into his home and live independently, as a proud veteran.

Would you stand with me and support Mercury One’s Veterans initiatives? Help us stand in the gap for those who make our country safe for us and preserve freedom? Please consider donating to our veterans campaign.

Donate to the Veterans Campaign

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