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League of Nations

After World War I, President Woodrow Wilson proposed the League of Nations as a part of his Fourteen Points plan for an equitable peace in Europe.  The League of Nations was an international organization that attempted to resolve international disputes, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.  He believed that the League of Nations would be an effective organization and began a tour across the United States to promote America’s membership, traveling over 8,000 miles in twenty-two days.

Wilson stated, “I cannot see how it can fail to have support of all the forward-looking Christian people.”  He said to the American public that isolationism would not work.  However, even after the demanding tour, the United States did not become a member. The Senate noticed that after it was created in 1920, that it was inefficient and elected not to join.

We have to realize that we must do our own homework to determine if our efforts will be successful. The wisdom we gain will allow us to work effectively towards the things we believe in. This is the way our goals will be accomplished. The world can be an even better place than it is now when we do all that we can.

Woodrow Wilson Signed Statement dated June 17, 1920.

League of Nations



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