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Legal Bill of Sale for Yazidi Girl

How much is a person worth? What is the value of a human life?

When it comes to the women and children captured and enslaved by ISIS these are not existential questions. AAccording to this bill of sale, recovered by one of Mercury One’s rescue partners on a recent operation in Syria, in 2016 the value of a woman was about US$1500. This “legal” contract between two ISIS fighters, Abu Menham and Abu Zied, which also includes an official notary, is for the sale of a Yazidi girl named Alf Abu Zied (not her real name, but one given to her by her captor). It even has the fingerprints of the two parties on the document.

As ISIS has lost territory, it has also lost much of its revenue sources from captured oil fields or external funding from supporters around the world, leading its fighters to become more and more desperate. There are credible reports that ISIS is now using their captives as human shields, selling them to criminal organizations and offering them up for ransom to desperate families and well-meaning groups wanting to help.

Mercury One discourages the payment of ransoms for numerous reasons, but mainly it is because once they are paid, ISIS seldom delivers on the promise to free their captives. Mercury One has never paid a ransom and only funds rescue operations through our partners on the ground whom we trust and have worked with for the past two years.

And Alf? She was rescued by a Mercury One sponsored operation through The Nazarene Fund and has been reunited with her family. She is going to need a lot of support to help her recover.

To learn more about the Nazarene Fund, visit:


ISIS Court Document 2016 Legal Bill Of Sale For Yazidi Girl

ISIS Document from 2016 – Legal Bill of Sale for Yazidi Girl
ISIS fighter sold a Yazidi female to another ISIS fighter for $1500 USD. Thankfully our partners were able to rescue her from her captors. She is receiving counseling and is home with her family.



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