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Mercury One always has and always will support our veterans: America’s heroes.


Giving the gift of hope to our nation’s veterans working to reintegrate into their community.

In 2016, Mercury One had the opportunity to provide a Christmas for Liberty House: a transitional housing program for veterans. Many of the veterans at Liberty House had been estranged from their families, and would otherwise have gotten nothing on Christmas. We provided shower slippers, towels, pillows, sheets, coffee mugs, and blankets for each resident.

We were so thankful to our donors who gave us the opportunity to help these veterans, who had fought so hard for our freedom. These men had been to war, only to come back and face incredible hardships. Thank you for helping us give them a Christmas they won’t soon forget!

Get to know Liberty House

Liberty House is a transitional housing program for veterans dealing with substance abuse, PTSD, and other mental health problems. What is even more unique about Liberty House is that it currently houses a very large portion of Vietnam veterans, who are often forgotten and left out of the spotlight.

Liberty House houses 30 veterans at a time and sleeps only two veterans to a room instead of what can be six to nine people per room in many other housing programs like this. Every one of these beds are filled by the VA, and each veteran selected goes through this program for one year. To be selected for this program, these homeless veterans need to have shown progress in working toward sobriety or recovery, and need to have been honorably discharged from the military.

Throughout this program, veterans will not only be housed free of charge, they will receive help with their resume and money management skills, and they will go through counseling and/or PTSD programs. Once they get through five months in the program, they must start meeting with a program manager to start setting and working toward manageable goals. Success in this program is being able to save enough money to obtain an apartment.

Since 2010, Liberty House has served 340 veterans, and 63% of them have moved successfully into independent housing. In 2015, 70% of veterans were discharged successfully.

Do Your Part

We know that our amazing donors do so much for us and the community surrounding them. Today, we ask that you support Mercury One’s Humanitarian Fund, which funds veteran initiatives like Christmas at Liberty House.

Looking to thank a veteran in your own community? Stop by a nursing home or homeless shelter and take some time to talk to a veteran. Thank them for their service, bring them a gift, anything! Too often, veterans are forgotten, especially during holiday seasons. Give the gift of time to a veteran in your community!

How can you help Mercury One’s veteran initiatives?

By donating to Mercury One’s Humanitarian Fund, you help us provide humanitarian aid and relief in the areas of: veteran support, natural disasters, Israeli humanitarian initiatives, human trafficking, and domestic abuse.


By donating to the Humanitarian Fund, this provides Mercury One the opportunity to provide humanitarian aid and relief in the areas of: natural disasters, veteran support, Israeli humanitarian initiatives, human trafficking, and domestic abuse, as well as crisis support.

Mercury One is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 170. No goods or services were provided by Mercury One in exchange for your donation. Mercury One, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #45-3929881. Your donation may be considered tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax attorney or an accountant for specific guidance.


rough edge
rough edge

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