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Mercury One Ambassador D’Andra Simmons

Mercury One Ambassador, D’Andra Simmons, joined Glenn Beck and CEO of The Nazarene Fund, Tim Ballard on Glenn’s radio show this week to talk about D’Andra’s recent trip to Iraq with The Nazarene Fund.

D’Andra, a Real Housewife of Dallas cast member, may not sound like the most obvious Ambassador for a cause such as saving persecuted religious minorities out of the Middle East, but in actuality, she is the perfect person for the job. Her passion runs deep for the cause, and she gave us a glimpse of “why” on Glenn’s show.

Glenn asked her pointedly at the beginning of the segment how she got involved with the project and why it means so much to her. Immediately choking up, she explained that her husband Jeremy, a photojournalist that works with Mercury One frequently, introduced her to the project and she was stricken with emotion; she is a domestic abuse survivor. She knows the pain of being abused.

She went on to explain what she saw on her trip to Iraq, the woman she met (Maryam) who was kept captive and violently abused and raped on a daily basis for three years. A woman who had absolutely nothing, no food, hardly any clothing, only a Bible and her Rosary, who still made them tea and biscuits upon their arrival. Maryam did not want to speak to any men – her trauma and shame not allowing her to feel comfortable around men.

Suzanne, Mercury One’s Executive Director, spoke with her immediately upon arrival, and D’Andra spoke to her next. With the help of a translator, she communicated that although she will never understand the depth of the pain and trauma Maryam experienced, she knows pain, too. She knows the pain of abuse.

Maryam looked at her and told her “I know you’ve felt pain and trauma. I can see it in your eyes.” This woman, who had been through unimaginable pain, connected with D’Andra after only seconds because of shared experience.

This is exactly why D’Andra is such an amazing Ambassador for Mercury One. Her passion for helping other women get through these experiences and move onto a better life is amazing. Working with these women undoubtedly brings up pain from her past, but in hopes of creating a better future for these people, she works through it.

D’Andra, thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you for standing up to evil. Thank you for your support.

Check out photos of D’Andra’s time in Iraq with The Nazarene Fund and of her time spent at The Gleen Beck Program discussing The Nazarene Fund.


Listen to D’Andra Simmons and Tim Ballard talk about more about the Nazarene Fund on The Gleen Beck Program.


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rough edge


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