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Rosary Beads

The Rosary prayer and its accompanying rosary beads date back to the 3rd century when the practice of prayer recitation in conjunction with prayer beads was developed by Eastern Christian monks. Though today we associate the practice with Catholicism, it wasn’t until much later that the practice became popularized by those of the Roman Catholic faith.

The process of reciting the Rosary takes practice to learn and diligent focus to execute. The Rosary, far from monotonous repetition, is intended to quiet the mind and focus thoughts on the Divine. The Rosary is divided into five sections, or “decades,” of 10 beads, each decade representing scenes from the lives of Mary and Jesus. The prayer typically begins with the sign of the cross and a recitation of the Apostles’ Creed. This is followed by an “Our Father” and one “Hail Mary” for each of the 10 beads in a decade. Each decade ends with a “Glory Be,” and the entire process ends with a final sign of the cross. Saying a Rosary is no small feat, as each session can take up to forty-five minutes.

No matter what your religion, setting aside time for rejuvenating prayer can reap innumerable benefits, and tools like rosary beads can aid in focusing thoughts on a higher power.  Below are rosary beads made for Mercury One by Iraqi artisans. As part of the integration program in Slovakia, some of the women have taken part in workshops where they have learned to produce small decorative items, ornaments, and rosary beads. All money collected by us for these beautiful rosary beads go straight back to the individuals who make them. This is momentous for many of them because it is the first times in their lives they are making money for themselves and their families.

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