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MPact Newsletter Quarterly
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First Quarter 2020 MPact Newsletter

How you — our loyal supporter — have made an impact on disaster relief

When devastation strikes, even small acts can make a big difference. Your support helped our partners provide comfort teddy bears to children after the tornadoes in Nashville, TN to remind them that the world is not all scary.

Mercury One and our partners brought relief to homes and communities who lost everything in the blink of an eye. Working together, we gave over 30,000 dollars to provide food, clothing, water, supplies, and hope.

Check out our blog here for updated stories on how our partners and volunteers made a difference.

We’re fighting COVID-19 with our partners

Our partner, Team Rubicon, is serving our neighbors across the country where it’s needed most. Mercury One’s support is enabling them to continue to help during this national pandemic.

We are providing basic needs like food and water to vulnerable populations and families in temporary quarantine. As the fear of overcrowded hospitals hangs in the back of all American minds, Team Rubicon bravely staffs coronavirus testing facilities.

They have launched an initiative with #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors to encourage safe acts of service to others.

Here are ways you can help:

A featured story from a Mercury One supporter

“A group of us quilters from all over the Upper Snake River Valley in Idaho get together each week to sew, chat, eat lunch, share stories, and share our talents. Most of us are over 65, with a few younger ones joining us often.

We usually sew at the Church each Tuesday and, since the Church building is closed for a while, we can’t do that. But we sew at home on Tuesdays and text and send pictures to keep everyone going through this isolation time.

This Tuesday, we received word that our hospital was getting low on regular masks so many of us looked online, found patterns, and started using up some of our stash!

I’m not sure how many we produced all together; I made 10 and several others made quite a few. Some are still sewing them today.”

Thank you for sharing, Linda B! We love seeing our communities come together for those in need during this crisis — and we’d love for you to share your own stories, too.

Masks made for COVID relief

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Education: Need an at-home family activity?

We’re excited to introduce our new education blog series, featuring “Quest for Knowledge” family discussion questions!

With our help, Operation BBQ Relief hit a major milestone, serving their first international meal in the Bahamas! When Dorian first made landfall, Operation BBQ Relief quickly mobilized and made their way to Fort Lauderdale, FL to set up a staging site. Here they proceeded to cook, package, and send over 50,000 nourishing hot meals to the Bahamas.

Start Learning

It’s almost National Volunteer Week!

Since 2016, M1 volunteers have spent more than 5,562+ of hours in service to help restore the human spirit.

Look out for volunteer week coming up this month starting April 20th! We want to honor our volunteers and others that have given their time and made sacrifices to help others in need.

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In honor of Easter, consider purchasing this handmade rosary for your loved ones to remind them to continue praying during these times of crisis.

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