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Meet Nidhal: Artisan Behind The Bead

The jewelry we sell in the M1 Store is more than just beautiful — it is an opportunity, a second chance, and an inspiration of hope. All of our breathtaking bracelets, earrings, and necklaces have been handmade with love by refugees that were relocated to safety in Slovakia after being brutally persecuted for their faith. 

With your support, these women are creating new lives for themselves and their families — and we want to share some of their stories so you can understand the impact of every single purchase. 

Today, meet Nidhal.

“If you return to Qaraqosh and you do not convert, then we will burn your house to the ground — with you and your whole family inside of it.” 

Almost all of the Christians fled Qaraqosh one fateful evening, many with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and basic identity documents. Because thousands and thousands of persecuted families were leaving at the same time, the short trip became a long journey as residents crowded into cars, taxis, trucks — whatever transportation they could find. 

The roads were so clogged that the one-hour drive took most families nearly ten, and many people had to complete the trek on foot because of the checkpoints.

Nidhal was one of these Christians. She is the mother of seven children: Aylin, Ann, Andy, Asrar, Evana, Arkah, and Oryana. After fleeing Iraqian Qaraqosh and the dangerous religious persecution from the Islamic State in 2016, she and her family now live together in Výčapy-Opatovce. 

Her oldest daughter, Aylin, is married. Ann attends second-year gymnasium, Andy studies secondary technical school, Asrar studies to be a health assistant, and Evana and Arkah attend grammar school in Výčapy-Opatovce. Her husband, Waleed, works as a barber. Nidhal herself creates beautiful jewelry that we sell in the M1 Store to help support her family’s new life. 

Follow our blog as we will continue to share stories of the fearless female artisans who have at some point been prisoners but now are providing for themselves and their families. Please consider supporting their work by shopping the M1 Store for products with purpose. To us, a sale is a commitment to change the world for good.

rough edge
rough edge
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