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At the start of Alec Offenberger’s journey from Maine to California, He made a symbolic move to dip the back tire of his bike into the Atlantic Ocean as the kick start to his mission to raise money for the Nazarene Fund.

On June 9th, Alec was met at the finish line in Venice Beach by Mercury One staff, family and friends. Not wanting to waste anytime, he sped past the group to do what?  Dip the front tire in the Pacific.  He had completed what he set out to do over 8 months ago.

Along the way, Alec spoke with hundreds of people about what the Nazarene fund is; hand-selling what moved him to begin this trek in the first place.  What kept him going those long 8 months was God and the inspiration and encouragement of others.  In the interview at the Finish Line Celebration, Alec was asked what he learned most about himself.  Not knowing how to answer, he fumbled a bit because this journey was not about him…it was about what he was doing for others.

Alec raised $36,299.00 in his 8 months on the road for the Nazarene Fund.  Alec…Mercury One thanks you!

We first mentioned Alec on our blog here.

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Alec's Loyal Supporters

Alec’s Loyal Supporters



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