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Meet Sabriya: Artisan Behind The Bead

Ever wondered about the jewelry we have on the M1 Store? Who makes it? Where does it come from? What’s unique about it? Today we’d like to introduce you to Sabriya, the artist who crafts some of our most popular baubles. Sabriya’s story of rescue and renewal will gives a glimpse beyond the bead, to the greater good you are doing each time you shop the M1 store.

After being rescued and relocated from Qaraqosh, Iraq, Sabriya and her family arrived in Slovakia in 2016 with a chance at a new beginning after being faced with religious persecution. During her time in Iraq, Sabriya completed her studies at university before becoming a teacher.

After getting settled in Slovakia, Sabriya taught Arabic while working part-time in a thrift shop. Now she’s employed full time, along with her husband and her oldest son in a factory. In her free time, Sabriya cultivates her creative side by crafting handmade, artisan jewelry, now available on the Mercury One online store.

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate Sabriya, and all the women who are able to pursue their dreams free of fear or persecution. Thank you to our generous and compassionate donors like you, and Happy Mother’s Day. Please consider shopping the M1 Store this Mother’s Day, and every day, for products with purpose. To us, a sale is a commitment to change the world for good.

rough edge
rough edge
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