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Stand to Honor

Stand to Honor

The Stand to Honor fundraising event started on May 6, 2017 at 10:00 am with one purpose: to honor our flag, our fallen, and the future of America. On May 8, Mercury One, Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze staff and listeners traveled to Victory Park Plaza in Dallas, TX to Stand to Honor.

Stand to Honor is an initiative dedicated to helping the Folds of Honor Foundation raise $1,000,000 and increase awareness about the sacrifices of those who have fallen or become disabled while serving our nation and the impact of this on their children and spouses. Together with individuals and businesses from around the country we stood with a purpose. The event organizers, Milestone Electric, are committed to inspire action in the community and did not go home until 200 kids were funded with educational scholarships.

Volunteers stood in 13 minute increments (or more), which represents the 13 folds of an American flag given to the families of a fallen soldier. The flag symbolizes the enduring ideals that make this country a beacon of democracy. Furthermore, the folded flag stands as the Folds of Honor logo. The logo reflects their mission, to honor the sacrifice of America’s heroes, while giving hope to the bearers of their legacy.

Many dedicated volunteers attended Stand to Honor. Someone even drove all the way from Joplin, MO for the event. Another man brought to the plaza the flag that was given to him at his daughter’s burial and he stood with it in her honor. An ex-marine, his pregnant wife, mother and young son came down for the event. The young boy even stood on the stage by himself before his father joined him holding the flag. The event inspired hundreds of these kinds of moments – too many to document. It was truly amazing.

Mercury One stood on the main stage for over an hour because 13 minutes just didn’t feel like nearly enough to honor the sacrifices the Servicemen and women have made. In addition, our selfless donors helped Mercury One contribute close to $40,000 towards the scholarships. Thank you to the numerous volunteers who did their part to stand, donate or raise awareness using #StandToHonor or #M1Stand2Honor on social media.

Folds of Honor Hot Air Balloon at Stand to Honor


Support Mercury One and their initiatives to provide humanitarian aid and education and to restore the human spirit by clicking here . Together, we can make a difference.

Mercury One is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 170. No goods or services were provided by Mercury One in exchange for your donation. Mercury One, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #45-3929881. Your donation may be considered tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax attorney or an accountant for specific guidance.

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