The American Journey Summer Institute

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain hands-on experience with original, historical documents and learn from program experts and guest lecturers. 

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Join Mercury One and our partner WallBuilders for two weeks and discover the truth about our nation, our past, and how to lead it into the future!

We are opening up the American Journey Training Center to students who are 18-25 years old for a hands-on experience to study original historical documents. Receive specialized teaching and instruction and the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge from our speakers and guest lecturers.

Over the course of the program, participants not only gain a deeper understanding of American history, but also learn how to question boldly, think critically, and engage in meaningful discourse when confronted with differing opinions. Participants spend the morning in a classroom-like setting and the afternoon exploring our original artifacts collection as well as online resources.

Topics Covered

Program Speakers

The American Journey Summer Institute will feature a variety of guest speakers from The Blaze, constitutional law firms and political groups. The main speakers will be Tim Barton, President of WallBuilders, David Barton, Founder of WallBuilders and Glenn Beck!

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