Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents and families who were affected by two tornadoes that left nothing but destruction in their paths on Tuesday, March 3rd. Currently, 25 residents, including children, of middle Tennessee have been reported to have died or are still reported missing in the aftermath of the storm. Thousands of other residents are left to pick through the scattered debris that once was their homes. 

In the wake of these tornadoes, Mercury One has mobilized with our humanitarian and disaster relief partners to begin to aid and rebuild these devastated communities.  

“Today was a great start to what will end up being a successful development here in Tennessee. We started early, scouting around to Shelby Bottom and Donelson. These areas were devastated by the EF3 tornado that touched down in the area. In Donelson, we saw a former Christian school that was leveled. Sheetmetal was thrown all over the surrounding community. Some pieces were even wrapped around telephone poles.

Despite having more hills, Shelby Bottom seemed to have a larger area of impact than Donelson. This area also had fewer volunteers. We witnessed one mother walking around with her four kids handing out baked goods. Little gestures like this were seen throughout the communities we were able to walkthrough. After this scouting trip we met with our ministry liaison, Jennifer Ranson whose insight and community resources were a tremendous help throughout the day. She took us to meet several church leaders in some of the most hard-hit Nashville areas. This urban community was reeling from the tornado, but was not as well off as the others. Trees, power lines, and debris plagued the community just as much as we had witnessed in the prior communities. These families were on the verge of homelessness. Many of them were benefactors of Jennifer’s Bridge ministry where they receive weekly food donations. 

Despite the devastation, their demeanor left us feeling extremely hopeful. We also met with Pastor Andrew with Vicory Baptist Church in Mt. Juliet who was incredibly insightful. He was able to mobilize seven teams this morning that involved 120 volunteers total. He mentioned the type of work they were doing and what their immediate needs are. We look forward to further conversation with him as we determine where to set up our base of operations to help the most people.” 

Operation Blessing Mercury One Tennessee relief

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