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Supporting the Refugees of Venezuela

At Mercury One we are committed to restoring the human spirit around the world – which is why we’ve joined forces with our humanitarian partner Operation Blessing to help the 1.3 million Venezuelans who have fled into Colombia after political and economic turmoil has plagued their country.

Due to falling oil prices, hyperinflation and a socialist political structure, lower-income Venezuelans no longer have the means to provide for their families. Basic needs like food, medicine, and other essentials have become hard to come by for those considered to be in the lower class. Millions have already made the decision to leave – crossing the Venezuelan border into Colombia – in hopes of finding a better life. Each day brings in more refugees who are in desperate need of food and medical care.

Venezuelan people walking thrown a street in a village
Group of Venezuelan refugees sitting on the side of the road

Mercury One recently provided $10,00 to Operation Blessing to help the Venezuelan refugees in need. The money will be put towards establishing medical brigades along the border where refugees can seek assistance from doctors and receive the medical care that they deserve at no cost to them. So far over 8,000 men, women, and children have received access to medical care. Currently, there are too many refugees who need medical attention that can not be covered by costs – with your help we can increase this number.

Venezuela boy having his feet looked at by a female doctor
Venezuelan boy receiving a health exam from a male doctor

On top of medical care, there is a desperate need for food, shelter, and clean water. Over 60% of refugees have shown signs of malnutrition due to a lack of basic necessities. Operation Blessing has established two mobile kitchens that have served up to 17,000 meals and has provided more than 1,400 packages of hygiene supplies and socks to refugees. Water filtration systems have been established at different points around the border to ensure clean drinking water but the demand for clean water grows higher as more refugees come into Colombia. If we don’t do something now these basic necessities will soon become scarce.

Young Venezuelan girl pouring a cup of water

With your help, we can change lives and restore the human spirit of the people of Venezuela this holiday season. Please join us as we strive to help the many refugee families start the next year healthy, empowered, and positive.

Mercury One is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 170. No goods or services were provided by Mercury One in exchange for your donation. Mercury One, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #45-3929881. Your donation may be considered tax-deductible. Please consult with a tax attorney or an accountant for specific guidance.

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