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ISIS Attack on Sweida

Sweida city, a small Syrian city located south of Syria at the borders of Jordan, has been one of the safest cities throughout the Syrian crisis until July 25th 2018, the day which Sweida people called the “black Wednesday.”

Sweida is the biggest city in the world for Druze, a religious minority that has a small presence in Lebanon and Egypt. Besides Druze, Christians have been living in Sweida peacefully, having many active churches.

On Wednesday, July 25th, ISIS claimed responsibility for a horrific day of carnage that devastated this peaceful city. The death toll rose to more than 200 after a series of attacks in a government-held part of Sweida. Many children and women were slaughtered silently inside their homes in the early morning hours, and around 200 people were injured.

The people of Sweida said that most of the reports in Western media about the attacks totally ignored the fact that no one helped defend the people of Sweida. Those who defended the area and deterred ISIS were the local militias who used whatever private weapons were available. The jihadist group lost 75 fighters during the wave of violence.

Mercury One and The Nazarene Fund have decided to step in and help the martyrs’ and wounded people’s families with humanitarian aid through some local churches in the areas. We are praying for the city and for its people. Please pray for the city of Sweida and help support Mercury One and The Nazarene Fund as we help heal this community.

As our mission continues to evolve both internationally and at home please continue to support all of Mercury One’s efforts by donating now:

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