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Over the past three weeks, Mercury One has been working closely with city officials in the Glenn Heights and Garland/Rowlett area to bring relief to the tornado victims that faced incredible devastation on the night of December 26, 2015. We have been on the ground touring the disaster areas to provide aid to families and churches that have been impacted and are in dire need of help.

While relief efforts are underway, Mercury One could not have done this alone. We would like to thank our partners that had boots on the ground and helped the victims in their time of need for immediate relief. We partnered with Operation Blessing, Operation BBQ, Somebody Cares, Team Rubicon, and more.

Operation Blessing arrived quickly to the disaster area as they were called upon by officials to be the Command Center for volunteers. They had more than 3,100 volunteers who were eager to serve and managed over 500 work order requests from the Garland/Rowlett residents who were impacted by the EF4 tornado. Somebody Cares and Operation BBQ helped the victims by providing food and serving hot meals three times a day. Somebody Cares worked directly with churches and provided gift cards to families that were impacted by the storm. Operation BBQ served over 30,000 meals to the victims and volunteers. Forty military veterans continued to serve fellow citizens with Team Rubicon as they took action in Glenn Heights and helped with the cleanup process by clearing debris from the foundations of destroyed homes. We are grateful for wonderful partners that can come together to serve the community.


While we relied heavily on our partners for support, we couldn’t do our relief efforts without you. We can’t say thank you enough to everyone who dropped off supplies, food, clothes, and gift cards at Mercury Studios. You have made an incredible difference in the lives of hurting people yet again, and we continue to be humbled by the response of those not only in Texas, but nationwide.


The work has only begun as we help with the rebuilding process. As an organization, we believe in long-term restoration. We desire to see the victims of these storms completely restored, and we are committed to filling the gaps in these people’s lives by being a resource during this difficult time. For this reason, we ask you to please donate.


Again, thank you so much for all your help! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to stay up to date on the Texas Disaster Relief project and other projects as well.


Photo by David Callahan, Team Rubicon

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