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Louisiana thanks you!


A truly blessed Thanksgiving!

We want to thank our generous donors who allowed Mercury One to underwrite Thanksgiving for Louisiana.

Mercury One partnered with the Holy Smoke grill team who arrived in Baton Rouge on Monday, November 14th to begin preparations. This was their largest assignment ever as part of the Somebody Cares disaster response network: 10,000 hot Thanksgiving meals were to be boxed up and delivered all over town on Saturday, November 19th.

Partnering with Healing Place Church in this massive outreach, the Holy Smoke Grill team smoked and sliced 3,200 pounds of ham—slicing the ham took two full days! Meanwhile, the church’s Cooking For Christ ministry prepared the sides including Cajun dirty rice and sausage donated by Kiolbasa Sausage. Thanks to Hill Country Bakery in San Antonio who donated all the rolls.

Hundreds of volunteers gathered in the Healing Place lobby on Saturday to assemble and box the meals, along with another team at the Dream Center Baton Rouge and one in Denham Springs. Once the meals were ready to go and labeled with names and addressed for drop off, more volunteers pulled up in their vehicles and loaded the meals for delivery. The recipients were families hit hard by the recent floods. A line of over 400 cars stretched down the long church driveway and out into the highway, waiting to serve their city. Pastor Mike Haman of the Healing Place Church said that the church does a lot of outreaches to the community, but nothing of this magnitude before.

As the delivery teams made their way through the city, many stories of hope started to materialized. One elderly woman who had been living in her gutted out home started to cry as they handed her the hot meal and the bag of groceries. She said, “I thought I was forgotten, but you have given me hope that God is with me.”

Another woman had only been back in her house a week; recently widowed, she was overwhelmed with the difficulty of navigating the repairs by herself. She was sitting in the house crying when the delivery team knocked on her door – they not only brought her a hot meal, but prayed with her and gave her hope that she’s not alone. A man in Denham Springs said their town would not have gotten through this time without the Christian community. And, lastly, a man and his wife living in an RV in their driveway after their home took in four feet of water told the delivery team, “I used to hear about things like this on the news, but after three or four days you don’t hear any more and you think everything’s OK. Now that I’m living it, I know that’s not true. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate those of you who are helping. Thank you.”

At the end of the day, over 2,000 families in the Baton Rouge area received 10,000 hot meals, 1,500 bags of groceries, and a lot of love.

Thanks to you, our Mercury One donors, to The Healing Place Church, to the ministries in three states that partnered with the Holy Smoke grill team: BloodNFire in San Antonio and Muncie IN, and Ally Force and Heart Ministries in Minnesota, and to Somebody Cares, these families were able to have a Thanksgiving this year. These are the partners Mercury One is proud to have in our corner at a time of need.


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