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The Nazarene Fund Rescue

We are pleased to report the successful rescue of Berivan (name withheld for her protection). The 22-year old Yazidi woman’s recovery was sponsored by Mercury One’s The Nazarene Fund and conducted by one of our rescue partners. She is safe and has been reunited with her family.

Berivan was captured by ISIS along with her mother, five sisters and four brothers during the 2014 Shingal Massacre in Iraq. She has been on Mercury One’s recovery list since the organization began to sponsor rescues in 2016.

“Our partner has been searching for Berivan and her family for a long time. We are so pleased that they were able to identify and safely retrieve her,” said Michael Powell, Director of Operations of The Nazarene Fund.

Berivan’s mother was released by ISIS soon after her capture because of her age, but her other family members, including her 13-year old sister, have been held for the past three years. Berivan was recovered from Deir Ez Zor, deep inside ISIS territory in Syria. She is also the niece of one of the rescue network leaders, so her recovery is especially significant for Mercury One and its partner.

“This is great news for us and for the brave men who risk their lives to rescue these captives,” Powell said. “Every time a rescue is conducted people are putting their lives on the line and this one is personal due to our connection with this family. We could not be happier with the result.”

To date, The Nazarene Fund has sponsored the successful rescue of 62 captives, including Berivan, with more still pending.

“We could not have done this without the support of our donors,” Powell added. “This is a win for all of them too. We are grateful to have them on our side.”

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rough edge


rough edge
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