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Bringing Communities Together Through Life Saving Vehicles 

Over the past two years, Mercury One has proudly partnered with United Hatzalah, a volunteer, community-based, medical first response organization in Israel that provides EMS care to its patients free of charge. When Mercury One first explored a partnership with United Hatzalah, we found that their mission and values aligned with our own and promptly donated three ambucycles, or medically equipped motorcycles. Mercury One’s mission is to restore the human spirit through advancing programs that assist communities in helping themselves. The intention of the ambucycle donation was to enable three Israeli individuals to impact their own communities by saving lives.

“The vision of Mercury One is something that we certainly very strongly agree with,” said President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer. “They believe in equipping and empowering individuals as well as groups, in a common purpose to help others in their time of need. They believe in the power of good will to unify different segments of the population. That is exactly what United Hatzalah does. We take people from all over the religious and political spectrums in Israel and we unify them by enabling them to save lives. We offer them training, provide them with the equipment necessary to save lives, and then send them out to be volunteers. The rest they do themselves. Through the support of organizations such as Mercury One, we will be able to continue our good work for many years to come.”

The ambucycles donated by Mercury One were given to drivers from different religious backgrounds, all of whom are active EMS volunteers in their respective communities. Not only were the volunteers of mixed backgrounds and religions, but the cities in which they live are known for their religious diversity and coexistence.

Recently, one of the ambucycle recipients, a Muslim volunteer named Abed Beker, resuscitated an unconscious Egyptian tourist who was visiting the Old City of Jerusalem. Beker was able to arrive at the scene in less than 30 seconds thanks to his ambucycle.

Another ambucycle recipient, a Jewish volunteer named David Afriat who has been with United Hatzalah since 2013, recently arrived as the first responder on the scene to a motor vehicle accident in which 10 people were injured. While the ambulance was stuck in traffic, Afriat used his nimble ambucycle to weave through traffic and arrived in no time at all, providing those injured with the medical treatment they desperately needed.

The third ambucycle recipient, a Christian volunteer named Amir Chaik, recently responded to two calls back to back. The first call involved a violent stabbing. Upon arriving at the scene and administering life-saving medical care to the victim, Chaik received another emergency call from United Hatzalah’s dispatch center alerting him to a hypoglycemic patient in need of help. Seeing that the stabbing victim was in good hands with the ambulance crew, Chaik jumped on his ambucycle and raced to the scene of the second incident, arriving in just a few moments due to his ability to weave through traffic.

“The ambucycles donated by Mercury One are not only bringing EMS care to people who need it,” said Beer, “they are bringing people and communities together. Our volunteers help people all over their cities, with no regard for race, religion or ethnicity. They go out to help people, and every one of these people has a family, as well as a community and network of relationships that is completely unique to them. By helping these people, our volunteers create bonds within their cities, towns and communities that leave a lasting effect for many years to come,” Beer concluded.

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