We the People: Celebrating  and Honoring our Nation’s Constitution

On September 17, 1787, thirty-nine men made their way to the Pennsylvania State House for the last meeting of the Constitutional Convention. Thirty-nine men discussed and debated the unprecedented governmental system that the rest of the world told them would never work. They put to paper the rule of law they fought for in a war that turned the world upside down. That day, thirty-nine men bravely signed the Constitution of The United States and held their breath, hoping this Great American Experiment would happen to work. 

On September 17, 2021 we as Americans gather and celebrate that The Great American Experiment did not just work, but has changed our world in a way that nobody could have ever predicted for the better. We celebrate the document they wrote, that has outlasted any other written charter of government, and has protected our freedom for decades. 

It is that very document that gives the rights of our nation not to our government, but to us the people. It is that very document that generations have laid down their lives and comforts in order to protect. It is that very document that has protected our liberty as Americans. It is that very document that our laws, court decisions, and governmental policies have had to uphold. It is that very document that has inspired other nations around the world and defined what freedom to the people really looks like. 

Constitution Day is a day where we as Americans can gather together, much like our founding fathers did in 1787, and discuss the importance and uniqueness of our founding document. We can read the document together that has helped run our country and made us a beacon of liberty and a home to the brave. We can educate the younger generation, share what we know with our communities, and celebrate the blessing we have as Americans. 

We the people must not be the generation that loses our Constitution. We must stand up for its importance, teach younger generations what values are in it, and defend it from becoming forgotten. We must celebrate it, together as a unified body of Americans. Let us be challenged today to reflect on what it really means to be an American and the blessings that we have through it. Let us share what we know and educate those around us. Let us be grateful for a document that has protected us and what we hold dear for generations, because without it America would be a very different place. Our founders wrote the start of the Great American Experiment, let us continue to carry it on and not let it fail now.