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Mercury One was founded in 2011 by media personality, entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author Glenn Beck. Mercury One was created to inspire the world in the same way the United States’ space program shaped America’s national destiny by setting a goal and committing to reach it knowing that the only limitations to achievement are those we place on ourselves, and by believing in the goodness and power of the individual to overcome any obstacle.

Mercury One is not an ordinary organization. We are at the forefront of a movement as we empower people to restore honor through faith, courage through hope, and love through charity. When evil prevails, we believe the best way to overcome it is by doing good.

Mercury One is committed to taking action through humanitarian aid, disaster relief efforts, and education initiatives. The Mercury One team is committed to stand, speak, and act with you when no one else will. Together, we can make a difference and it is up to us, the individuals, to turn the tide. Join us on our journey.

glenn beck

“We don’t stand between government aid and people in need. We stand with people in need so they no longer need the government.”