Mercury One Provided Help & Relief After Three Devastating Hurricanes

In 2017 three devastating hurricanes hit areas of Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. Mercury One could not stand idly by while people in these communities were affected by severe flooding and loss of power. Mercury One worked with our 6 core disaster relief partners with rebuilding efforts associated with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. When disaster strikes, Mercury One will be the first on the ground ready to assist those affected.


Saturday, August 26, Hurricane Harvey arrived in Texas as a strong Category 4 storm and left a path of devastation. Harvey was downgraded to a Tropical Storm, that stalled out over the Texas Coast Region. Houston alone was been hit with over 20 trillion gallons of rain after Harvey came ashore. $97 Billion is estimated in destruction alone. Mercury One and our partners have helped rebuild the community impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


Sunday, September 10, Hurricane Irma hit the Florida coast after battering the Caribbean. In the early hours of the morning, Irma hit as a Category 4 storm and wreaked havoc afterward. Irma is the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic basin ever recorded outside the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Over 6,300,000 people were ordered to evacuate Florida – potentially the biggest evacuation ever recorded.


On September 20th, Hurricane Maria whipped Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm and drenched the island with catastrophic flooding, leaving the entire country completely without power and communications in what has been called apocalyptic devastation. Authorities and our partners saw firsthand the immense devastation that left the US territory off the grid. Our partners along with Mercury One sent humanitarian aid and assistance to Puerto Rico.


Hurricane Ian is the deadliest hurricane to strike the state of Florida since 1935. The destructive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane caused widespread damage in the southeast United States, leaving families without homes, local businesses destroyed, and individuals trapped. Through Mercury One’s partnership with My Patriot Supply, we were able to equip teams on the ground to provide relief before, during and after the storm.

Operation BBQ Relief, Operation Blessing, Minuteman Disaster Response, Team Rubicon, ITDRC, and Somebody Cares restored the hurting communities in Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas. We were able to provide hot meals, clear roads, lead search and rescue teams, set up internet and communication hotspots, and assist first responders. We continue to support and pray for individuals and communities impacted by Hurricane Ian.

we're better together

Our Trusted Hurricane Relief Partners

Mercury One partners with trusted and faithful non-profits and ministries to help the hurting and provide support wherever needed.

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