operation game changer

Operation Game Changer (OPGC) took place during Super Bowl LI to target human trafficking activity

Mercury One along with numerous corporate partners supported the efforts of the nonprofit organization DeliverFund on the ground in Houston. The collective efforts resourced Houston law enforcement agents with actionable information leading them to human traffickers and their victims.

The process of hunting down traffickers, making the arrest and freeing their victims does not happen quickly. The results that were compiled during OPGC are being further developed by a DeliverFund analyst and cases continue to be built by law enforcement. 

Impact that the support of Mercury One and its donors had during this time in Houston

  • 44 human trafficking targets were generated
  • 2 national networks were identified
  • 8 target packages were pushed to Law Enforcement within a 72-hour period
  • Houston law enforcement made arrests and freed victims and continues to use the intel provided by DeliverFund to assist their work.
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