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Supporting Our Veterans: America's Heroes

Mercury One is proud to partner with Team Rubicon and their disaster relief initiatives. Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams to disaster sites. While it is not a requirement to have served in the military, many of Team Rubicon’s gray shirt volunteers are veterans.

You, our donors, have always responded to assist those suffering from natural disasters. You have supported veterans with fervor. Team Rubicon is one of our six core disaster relief partners who are immediately on-site following a disaster, providing rescue assistance, medical care, and long-term recovery support.

Service above self is the driving force behind all of Team Rubicon’s operational activity, and it is a key value at Mercury One as well.

They were recently accredited as an Emergency Type 1 Mobile Team, which can support distinct outpatient clinics – each with the ability to evaluate and care for 50 patients in a 12-hour period for a minimum of 14 days. These mobile teams will be connected to the broader response system.

Mercury One is committed to serving our communities in times of need.

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