Disaster Relief During Southeast Tornadoes

In 2017 a series of tornadoes broke out across the southeast states of Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Over 39 tornadoes were reporting causing damages to homes and even causing the lives of 19 to be taken. Mercury One could not sit idly by while these storms were destroying communities across the southeast. With the help of our partners and our supporters, Mercury One was able to donate and assist cleanup efforts on the ground.

Working with our partners CitiImpact and Gleaning for the World, Mercury One was able to work with local churches in the affected areas by sending supplies and truckloads of needs to be dispersed to those in need. The partners we work with Helped to empower the churches to provide another layer of positive impact throughout their communities. Team Rubicon, another one of our partners, was on the ground providing debris removal assistance along the path of destruction with their of highly trained volunteer veterans.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and donors Mercury One was able to effectively help those affected by the southeast tornados. Thank you for your continued support of Mercury One and our disaster reliefs efforts.

*Image courtesy of The Star

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